(ADOMS) The first group of skis have now received their Safety Certificate and Licence from ADOMS, under the (Small Craft Control) Act 2015.

The jet skis are certified for five years, subject to a satisfactory annual inspection, when an annual licence decal is issued for affixing to the jet ski, next to the assigned licence number (see photograph detail above).

Only licenced jet skis should be rented and members of the public and visiting tourists are being advised to first check that jet skis are displaying a valid ADOMS licence decal.

This will ensure that the required pre hire checks and full safety brief is completed.

Any questions on the small craft safety regulations should be directed to ADOMS Technical Department at:

Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services & Merchant Shipping (ADOMS)

Popeshead & Dickenson Bay Streets

P.O. Box 1394

St. John’s, Antigua

Tel: +1(268)462-1273

Fax: +1(268)462-4358



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